Bloody, scary and extremely thrilling – this is how Ayuwoki game feels like. If you are fond of all kinds of jump scare titles, then you cannot miss this one for sure. This is a prominent horror story that will remind you about the similar ones you have played before, but remain pretty original. The plot is pretty familiar: you are a victim stolen from your own house and placed to a strange place. Of course, this is a super-old mansion, where nobody lives for last hundred years or so. And of course, being locked is not your main problem, while still a very unpleasant fact. The main problem is that you are not alone there. You share the building with a monster, who will kill you at the moment you appear in front of his rolling eyes. Please, meet – this is Ayuwoki. Look closer. Does he remind you about someone? Someone very popular. Let us give you a small hint… It’s close to midnight and something evil is looking… What a funny coincidence, the most popular song of Michael Jackson describes a situation in Ayuwoki. Well, the joke is that Ayuwoki is a character of a Spanish small story written by an unknown Internet user. It is a traditional and not very deep creepy pasta about a monster that looks like Jackson and comes to people’s room at night to freak them up. So your first guess was correct. This is the first game that is known as being based on a creepy pasta. The story itself gained great attention on the web and rocketed around the world. That’s why, the title was accepted that warmly and actively.

So, how is everything arranged in the game itself? Well, you will be walking inside of the building, entering one room or another, wandering through the corridors and gazing at the walls (sometimes, you will see some funny gags there, so don’t forget to look around from time to time). You need to find an item – it is a red key, the one that will help you get away from this hellish place. Ayuwoki will try to catch you and kill you. Yes, everything is very simple. This guy will terrorize you all the time and you will spoil some nerves because of the need to restart a game all over again. Yes, you will lose frequently, especially at the beginning, because Mr. Ayuwoki moves like a flash of light. By the way, don’t forget to use your own flashlight wisely. Turn it on when you are searching for the key, but turn it off every time when you are in danger. The light will make you visible for the monster and he will get you at once.

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