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Internet memes have a potential to go far beyond their initial sphere of application. This is exactly what has happened to Ayuwoki – a funny joke that appeared on the web and mocked Michael Jackson. This time, a popular singer became a prototype for a monster, who doesn’t really sing any pop ballades and dance. He likes spooking people out in their bedrooms at night. The name Ayuwoki originates from the wrong pronunciation of the phrase “Anny, are you ok?”, which is a line from Jackson’s song. After becoming a super-popular and widely-known meme, Ayuwoki became a character of a horror title with the same name.

The story behind the meme starts with a YouTube video, where Jackson appears as an animatronic. The next step of meme development was a creepy story that explained the essence of this character. He sneaks into people’s rooms at 3 o’clock of the night and says “hee-hee”, just like Jackson used to say with his vocal voice. Some users say that the appearance of Ayuwoki is a kind of a combination of Jackson and a creepy girl Momo, which is similar to the girl from the Ring movie (and just a classical Japanese-inspired horror character). This makes sense and the funny moment here is that the pronunciation of “Anny are you ok?” that transforms into “Ayuwoki” has something Asian in itself.

However, the escape and jump scare horror title about Ayuwoki is a bit different. Unlike the one in the original creepy story, this Ayuwoki doesn’t come to your bedroom at a concrete time. Instead, he rushes through a building to get you and kill you. The building itself is also a classical environment for an escape horror title – it is a dark and large mansion, empty and scary. Like in any other title of that kind, you have a limited set of actions, a mission to get away, and a monster, who prevents you from leaving this place. The set of actions is not just limited; it is extremely small. You cannot fight or shot at Ayuwoki, you don’t have any weapon or means of defense. All you can is just run away and hide. However, this doesn’t make too much sense if you have already been noticed by the monster. Try to stay away from him and don’t overuse the light, because this will attract his attention. When he sees you, well, you can consider yourself dead, because it is unreal (almost) to hide when you are already a target. Still, you can take your chance and try to hide somewhere under the bed or behind an armchair. Just keep an eye on a red icon on the right corner of your screen – if it is crossed with a line, the monster cannot see you. If it’s not – prepare to meet your most horrible nightmare face to face. The appearance of the creature is always predictable, still very sudden, so you will certainly jump on your chair from scare. However, this is what should happen in a jump scare title, right? So enter the gloomy mansion and do your best to keep yourself away from Ayuwoki and survive! Good luck!

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