Are you ready to test you nerves? Jump scare horrors are the best games to check if your self-possession is as strong as you think it is. In fact, every time you play them, you reassure that jump scares always work. They appeal to your basic reflexes, so we bet that even the coolest and the most imperturbable person on the world would jump out of his skin at the moment when Ayuwoki’s face appears on the screen. You know that this is something you should expect, but you never know when exactly this will happen. This makes you alarmed all the time, so the effect is always perfect. If you believe that there is nothing better than a good night thriller, then let us present Escape the Ayuwoki to you. This one is a pretty nice escape title that includes everything you like: a dark old house, imprisonment, attempts to find a key and run away and a monster-like Michael Jackson that will scare you to death. What? You are not sure that the last point is something that is in your “like” list? Just try Ayuwoki and see all endings.

There are rooms and corridors you will need to explore. Walk around and try to get that red key to open that red door. You will start thinking that this is an impossible mission very soon, because the master of the mansion doesn’t sleep and he will try to find you and tear you up into pieces. You cannot stab him back, but you can try to hide from him. So the story begins and Ayuwoki challenges you for a really anxious adventure. You must run, hide, search and try to stay alive in this horrible chase of death. We hope that you can manage it and see the sunshine again! Good luck and happy nightmares!

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