Escape the Ayuwoki Scary

If for any strange reason the main character of your worst nightmares is Michael Jackson, then this title has been created especially for you. This is Ayuwoki, a horror title, where you are locked inside of the large house along with a Michael-alike monster. The idea of a character like that came to the head of some Spanish internet user, who has written a creepy story about him. With time, the story attracted attention of thousands of users and became a real meme. The developers caught the wave of meme popularity and right they were – Ayuwoki game became a real hit of the horror-world. The most important thing is that this title features a well-known and widely-accepted format – you need to run away from an imprisonment, where a horrible monster lives. We know this plot from numerous popular titles done before, so nobody could have any doubts that this one will rocket as well. What is more, when a popular and ever-working format is combined by a meme that is already known by thousands of people (especially, those who like horror stories, which means that they like horror games as well). So here is a real cocktail, a mixture of popularity and Michael Jackson is a cherry on top of it.

What’s happening in the game? Well, you are looking for a red key that is supposed to help you run away from this mansion. There are numerous rooms here, so you are walking here and there, trying to find something similar to a key. Ayuwoki is following your footsteps and can attack you at any moment. Maybe, you make some noise or he sees the light of your flashlight or just bump into him in the corridor. Everything can happen, so be careful and avoid this meeting at all costs! Remember that you can find a place to hide, when he is too near, so don’t go too far away from the potential shelters such as beds and armchairs.

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