Ayuwoki Final

Welcome to the house of fear and pain! You are entrapped in a creepy place, but this is not the main problem you have. The place is an old house that belongs to an evil creature – Ayuwoki. His rolling eyes are chasing you, whenever you go. His claws are ready to dip into your through. His teeth are willing to tear your heart into pieces. This is a pure evil that lives in an old house and you cannot escape. Or maybe there is a hope? Explore the rooms one by one, trying to find a key that will help you make your way to freedom. There are numerous of rooms here and they seem endless, but you have no other option – continue searching until you find a red key that opens a red door.

Ayuwoki will be somewhere near all the time. He is walking around and searching for you. Hide whenever you can, when he sees you or get murdered by this evil spirit. Let the stuff inside of the rooms serve you as a shelter. Hide in any niche that seems suitable and maybe this will help you save your life. However, if an evil eye has already spotted you, you have minor chances to hide, so keep yourself not far from beds, chairs, wardrobes, and other furniture – you will need them in an extreme situation. A lot. The title is available for free right here, so try it now!

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