Escape from Jackson

Sometimes, curiosity leads people to unpredicted and (unfortunately) negative outcomes. In this game, you will find out how things can turn when you are being too hungry for adventures. You know, playing with maniacs is dangerous, but sometimes it is funny as well. Which side of the coin will prevail in your adventure? Let’s find out! This is a creepy title, where you sneak into the house of a person called Jackson. He has this name for a reason – well, he will remind you of a pop idol called the same very much. He is crazy and strange, but you decided to find out what does he do in that lonely and dark house all alone. So you are inside! But wait a minute. The doors are now locked and you seem to be in a trap. Oh no, the house owner has noticed you and seems like he is not very pleased to see the guests. The monster will chase you, so you need to run away and try to find a key that will let you open the door and get out of there. Once he catches you, you will be scared to death.

There are so many rooms in this giant building, while the key is so small and you cannot find it that fast. You need some time to do it, but you don’t have any. Be quick and what is even more important – try to be silent, because the creature is walking around, he is near to you, and one wrong step will attract his attention and immerse you into endless darkness of death. The monster is merciless and he doesn’t really like people, who enter his house. He will kill you in a very violent manner, but before that you will be scared to grey hair for sure – he appears all of a sudden. Find the keys and use them to open the main door – this is your only chance to save your life. You cannot do anything to the monster – he is not just invincible, but you don’t have any weapons in your hands. Actually, you didn’t expect that the story will become that dangerous. An innocent idea turned to be a real nightmare, right? Enjoy your worst nightmares playing this title and try not to get caught!

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