For PC

Horrors are extremely popular among gamers. Therefore, every time a new interesting horror title appears on the web, it gains so much attention that no other game does. Ayuwoki is a title people talk about actively. But what is it about and why so many gamers find it that amazing? Considering the fact that this is another jump scare title, where you are followed by a creepy monster and need to run away from your imprisonment before this monster eats you, this might be a sort of a mystery game for PC.

You may say that there are so many similar titles already on the market, so is there something that can surprise you here? Believe it or not, but the horror genre (even if it is a jump scare subgenre) always has something to surprise you with. First of all, jump scares are something that makes your heart sink to your shoes and this is unavoidable. People play horror games to have a really nice woofits, so why not? The second reason of Ayuwoki’s popularity is that the audience has been already prepared for the launch. This must be the first game that is based on a so-called creepy pasta, a story written by Internet users and located online anonymously. This pasta became viral and obtained a title of a meme. This is a story about a scary creature that reminds of Michael Jackson and appears in people’s houses at night. The game lets you outlive this pasta to the fullest. By the way, altered Jackson’s songs can be heard in the game as well. This is a pretty unique case when so-called “popular art” of Internet users goes that far. So this is a brand new format and you cannot miss your chance to enjoy it.

Now let’s move the title itself and things that happen there. You are a poor fellow, who has been kidnapped by someone really mean and locked inside of the forsaken house. Not very good, but still manageable, right? Just find a key and leave this place forever. Well, this is when it becomes impossible – you are followed by an evil spirit that seems to live here for an eternity and his name is Ayuwoki. The plot may remind you about similar horror titles that feature the same idea, like Granny or Baldi. At the same time, while the idea is pretty old and used for several times before, the popularity of Ayuwoki is striking. We have already uploaded it to our resource, so you can enjoy a free access to the full version of Escape the Ayuwoki right here and right now. New features are about to come. Feel your heart beating faster, when the monster is following your every step and good luck.

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