What frightens you more? A perspective to stay inside of the gloomy mansion locked there forever without a hope to see the light of the day again or a perspective to be killed and teared into pieces by a monstrous creature? Oh, we guess that this is a pretty hard choice to make! Both perspectives are so appealing. What about combining them in one? Only with one small change – you have a hope for escape, but the hope is very small and your chances are miserable. Still you have them, so don’t miss them! This is The Escape from Ayuwoki, a scary game, where you are in a real trouble. Just like we have said, there is a locked mansion and you are inside. You know that the key is somewhere in the rooms, so you search for it by all means. However, someone is present here as well. This is a master of the mansion and his name is Ayuwoki. He is a monster.

Ayuwoki seems to be very fond of people. Especially, when he can scare them to heart attack and then carve them into small pieces. Yes, he is not that kind of a master, who will offer you a cup of tea or coffee and lend you a new towel. This guy has a tough character. He will run after you if you disclose your presence to him. So hold on, when he gets you, there are no chances that you will escape from his claws alive. When walking around the house, you will see a lot pieces of furniture and they are extremely good for you. Keep close to them if you can, because wardrobes and beds will become your only shelters that will save you from instant death. You can hide behind and under them when Ayuwoki is near, but if he is too near – it will be almost unmanageable. He moves fast as hell, so you have a chance to escape only if you are lucky enough to be near a table or a chair at the moment Ayuwoki starts movement. Gladly, the game will give you a lot of hints and inform you if Ayuwoki can see you at the moment. There are various explanations for players to let them get into the title faster. This is incredibly useful, because we bet that you will feel that “escape rage” after another jump scare done to you in a matter of seconds.

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