Michael Jackson Horror

Spooky and extremely thrilling, Escape from Ayuwoki title will surely make your blood chill. If you are a real devotee of simple horrors that always work – we mean, those that are not very focused on all that indie-stuff like complicated plots and mind games – then this one is a perfect choice. Another amazing jump scare game is already on the run. This is a story of a fellow who got into the mansion. The building is old and abandoned, so he didn’t expect to meet someone out there. At least, he didn’t expect to meet someone that horrible and bloodthirsty, like Ayuwoki! This is a real monster, who kills people for no reason (or maybe because they enter his house, oops). Now you are a victim with no ability to defend yourself from a horrible death. Michael Jackson Horror game will gives u great emotions!

Your mission is to find a special item in the mountains of stuff that are based inside of the mansion’s rooms. It is a key that unlocks the main gate and your only hope to survive. Avoid Ayuwoki at all costs, run away and hide whenever you can, because he will try to defeat you before you find a desired item. In general, you need to balance two actions during the process – searching and saving yourself from a cruel death. Hopefully, you can do that! Enjoy Escape the Ayuwoki and have a nice scare!

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