Escape the Ayuwoki Mobile

One fine day, you decided to find out what’s going on inside of the old dark mansion, where nobody lives for years. Maybe, you were expecting to find some interesting things there, that would tell you a story about people, who used to live in this rich and epic building. Maybe, you were expecting to find some treasures or at least souvenirs. Something that you didn’t expect for sure is meeting an embodiment of pure evil, that will lock you inside of the house and chase you. Welcome to Ayuwoki – a horror title, where you need to escape from a very creepy place and save your life from an extremely horrible monster. If you are fond of escape titles like Evil Nun or Granny, then this one will become one of your favorite. It is atmospheric, thrilling and very scary! And sometimes it is funny, because there are some jokes and even Easter eggs to be found in the rooms, so be attentive!

To get the most of Ayuwoki, you need to allow this game to connect to your computer and namely – your mic. The microphone will create a real connection between you and the game! This is an experience no other horror game can provide. Just imagine – you are not just inside of the game, but the game is inside of your room! What do we mean by that? Well, Ayuwoki, a digital monster, will hear all of your movements. Yes, not just your character’s, but yours! This will certainly make you shake from fear, while you play! Get ready for the creepiest story in your entire life. Hopefully, Ayuwoki won’t find you! Run fast and hide, when you are in a real danger! This is going to be hard, but you can do that!

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