You are at a pretty strange place. This is a mysterious old house, where strange things happen. You will find different strange objects here and some rooms will be filled with water. Sometimes, you will see the broken items or teared books on the floor, so the anxious feeling that something evil has happened here won’t leave you. In fact, something evil is happening right now and you are the victim of these evil powers. God knows how did you get into this creepy place, but now you need to find your way out before you die. Dying here is very easy because you are followed by a monster called Ayuwoki.

This creature is a character of a well-known Internet story that spread itself all over the globe. A guy from Spain invented a horror story about a strange creature similar to Michael Jackson, who visits people at nights spooks them. Who knows, what kind of fears and inner conflicts made this guy writing a strange story like that, but a lot of users found it very entertaining. What is more, the character as original as he is became a source of inspiration for horror-game developers, so now you can meet them in reality. Try not to get scared to grey hair when Ayuwoki shows himself. He will appear all of a sudden, right in front of you, unsheathing his claws and teeth, ready to submerge them into your body and enjoy the warmth of your blood. Well, let this description not seem as an exaggeration to you, since the game really is extremely bloody and gory. Are you brave enough to spend a couple of hours in a company of this guy? We hope you can keep yourself quiet and hide whenever he is trying to chase you. This won’t be a walk in the park – the game is pretty difficult to win, because Ayuwoki hears and sees everything. Also, he moves faster than you can realize that he is hunting you. Try it on our website with cheats – it is free!

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